e Successful Digital Customer Engagement

GEON Launches Engagment Platform to Drive Customer Acquistion

billboard supporting digital engagement strategy

The power shift away from the retailer toward the consumer is well on its way. With mobile computing becoming a central element of the customer's buying habits, it is critical that marketers leverage this new relationship dynamic in a manner that engages the customer, enhances the experience and compels people to purchase. Mobile customer engagement provides a toolbox full of technologies that personalize the customer’s experience, creating the opportunity to provide a value added interaction with a higher probability of converting prospects into sales.

  • Currently 1,000s of customers engage in monthly incentive programs powered by GEON cloud & mobile technology and Sweat.works
  • More than 98% of downloads convert into an app user
  • Mobile based incentive strategy successfully drives users to buy
  • Invcentives & engagement programs create loyalty
  • FitBank Challenges powered by GEON impact consumer behavior

Providing a personalized experience along with real-time interaction and social media is key

billboard supporting digital engagement strategy

Technologies using geo location for example can provide targeted promotions based on a customer's proximity to a marketer. FitBank powered by Sweat.works engages customers by offering geo location challenges linked to customer health & fitness. This strategy allows FitBank to bring together multiple marketing partners under a single challenge. This serves to enrich the incentives offered to customers and leverage multiple like brands under a single strategy.

Push notifications generated from an Administrator dashboard drive targeted messaging and digital assets based on data analytics. By providing marketers with greater power over engagement campaigns, GEON creates a complete loop between consumers and marketers. Multiple communication tools are available within the GEON engagement platform. Along with in-app push notifications, GEON leverages discussion forums, live chat, email, VOIP and social media resources across a single administrator dashboard (SaaS)

Open conversations generate loyalty, sales and most of all, learning... for both sides.

Seth Godin
Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer

A mobile strategy focused on customer engagement enables relevant interactions though out the buying experience. Communication strategies focused on educating the customer are particularly effective at influencing buyer behavior. Tools designed to "take the guess work out of it" or simplify the consumers life should be included in all mobile app designs. Customer engagement done well via mobile reduces future customer service issues while providing real-time customer feedback and insight. In-app surveys generated from an administrator dashboard has been an effective model for generating feedback from customers. Marketing or brand managers can create and distribute custom surveys from the dashboard (SaaS). Engaging surveys allow for fact-based decision-making on customer needs along with insights on how to meet those needs.