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What's With the Hype of NoSQL & Document Driven Data

NoSQL (Not-Only-SQL) Databases Models

Document driven databases (NoSQL) have created lots of excitement recently as it has been seen as a true alternative to the traditional relational database design. Without the limitations of SQL schemas, document driven databases have been shown to be both scalable and fast.

The primary advantage of NoSQL (Not-Only-SQL) databases remains the efficient storage of unstructured data. This is accomplished by employing a schema-less data model, out scalability and distributed systems. The key to the growth of NoSQL is linked to the shift to Big Data. By providing a more flexible data model compared to the relational data model, which is structured among table relationships and organized in a rigid database schema. NoSQL model is better equipped to handle all types of data, both structured and unstructured. Schema-less models also excel not only in storage and management if different types of data but also provide for integrated data analytics, which is helpful in big data projects

One important factor to weigh when considering the relational vs. schema-less models is database security. As the popularity of NoSQL grows, the number of documented vulnerabilities will increase too, thus increasing the number of attacks. As hackers come up the learning curve, NoSQL will inevitably become more susceptible to exploits. Another area of concern is encrypting data at rest. With most NoSQL platforms, third party tools are required for encryption. For example, data files in MongoDB are never encrypted requiring an application layer to provide encryption before writing to the database. This security issue is compounded by the fact that some NoSQL platforms do not support SSL or disable authentication “out of the box.” Schema-less models do not allow for data access controls at the row or column level.

Overall, NoSQL models will continue to take market share given the flexibility, scalability and speed. However, it is important to consider the security issues with NoSQL and the fact that as security improves it will come at the expense of performance.

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