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Healthcare in Blockchain: Can The Coming DApps Solve for Healthcare Silos?

Healthcare in blockchain

With the genesis of blockchain and the recent innovation of Ethereum, an open-source, public decentralized network, an opportunity exists to redefine the ownership of healthcare information and improve health outcomes.

Read More is Now is now is Now to better communicate the company's core mission to provide innovative, fitness based incentives via your mobile device.

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GEON Launches Engagment Platform to Drive Customer Acquistion

Digital Customer Engagement

The power shift away from the retailer toward the consumer is well on its way. With mobile computing becoming a central element of the customer's buying habits, it is critical that marketers leverage this new relationship dynamic in a manner that engages the customer, enhances the experience and compels people to purchase.

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One Framework, All Devices!

Responsive Design for web, mobile and tablet applications

Simple, responsive web sites increase visibility, streamline paperwork and provide efficiencies for a counseling practice looking to build a digital platform. GEON built a Bootstrap framework web site enabling a seamless user experience across web, mobile and tablet interfaces...One framework, all devices. GEON delivers economical Bootstrap solutions for professional practices looking to build a solid foundation for their digital strategies.

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GEON Releases Sweat.Works iOS app in iTunes

GEON and have partnered to create the world's greatest sweat search and fitness mobile products. Find a fitness location near you with complete information on gym amenities, classes, accurate photos and social media resources. The iPhone app also includes the innovative "Fit Bank" program providing health and wellness tools to HR teams to monitor and improve employee health.


The Keys to Data Mining

What are the keys to Data Mining? Learn to design a data-mining project and build rich data sets to improve your company's marketing and analytics.

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Microsoft's Azure SQL Warehouse & Elastic Pooling

Microsoft’s new Azure SQL Warehouse offering provides database administrators the justification needed for transitioning to the cloud. Large enterprises that are leveraging many databases will gain much greater efficiencies in allocating resources compared to the other Database-as-a-Services (DaaS) platforms on the market.

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