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What's With the Hype of NoSQL & Document Driven Data

Document driven databases have created lots of excitement recently as it has been seen as a true alternative to the traditional relational database design. Without the limitations of SQL schemas, document driven databases have been shown to be both scalable and fast.

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SAML Vs. OAuth: Authentication Explained.

When it comes to securing APIs across the enterprise, there are two options to provide authentication (in/out) for web and mobile APIs. Both SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and OAuth, provide ways to secure APIs by adding authorization, however, which technology you choose should be directly related to whether or not you going mobile or not.

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Font Resources

One of the most overlooked aspects of building and designing web sites and mobile apps is the typography selection. Defining a hierarchy of typefaces is critical to communicating your message in an effective way. Typography is key to drawing visitors into your site and creating a postive experience that keeps people engage with the content. Put simply, it keeps the visitor reading. By leading the the vistor through the site or app, typography helps the visitor organize information while providing context to what is most important.

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