CATNet - ASP.Net Customer Relationship Management Portal

SaaS / Web Data Analytics Platform / ASP.Net / SQL / AJAX / D3.js / LINQ / VOIP / 3rd Party APIs

  • Project: Web-based customer relationship management suite using VOIP gateways integrated with live web chat providing customers with "Channel of Choice." A custom data anaytics site allowed clients to review real-time visualizations tracking over $50 MM in loan volume each month.
  • Services: VOIP, Live Web Chat, ASP.Net Dashboard, Data Analytics
  • Results: CATNet handled over $50 MM in lead volume per month for large national banks..


Create a web-based platform that would integrate inbound & outbound call volume with web-based live web chat & email campaigns with an integrated data analytics platform.

Project Defined

  • Integrated VOIP (hardware) into ASP.Net (connecting +100,000 inbound/outbound VOIP Calls and 1000s of live chats per day from clients web-site)
  • Reporting and Analytics (D3.js)
  • R Packages (Statistical Computing)
  • Winner of the American Teleservices Association's "Technovation" Award

Our Solution

Custom built ASP.Net/SQL based CRM solution to meet the specialized needs of large finanical institutions. CAT.Net support the home equity products for Bank of America, Citi, Aames Home Loan.


Streamlied business processes and improved customer services levels by creating the database and web technology that supported "channel of choice" for bank customers. By integrating live web chat, inbound, outbound and email into a web-based agent portal, customer aqusition and retention were signficantly higher among call centers using CAT.Net. CAT.Net won the American Teleservices Association's "Technovation" Award.

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