Data Migration: Oil & Gas Industry

Startup / SSIS / Data Migration, Conversion & Analytics

  • Project: Rig Matrix
  • Services: Database, Data Migration, App development, UX design, Analytics Dashboard


Oil & Gas well drilling information resides in divergent state systems providing a wide-range of data migration strategies.

Project Defined

  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • SQL Database Design & Build
  • Advanced Oil & Gas Well Search
  • Data Mining, Migration & Unification to a Central Database

Our Solution

GEON built a large relational database comprised of United States and Canadian oil and gas wells and rigs. Data was mined using automated and manual methods. Project is currently in phased development and is currently beta testing core functional elements of the database and mobile API. GEON Analytics used SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) with other methods to automate the data mining process for multiple oil & gas databases maintained using different technologies and communication methodologies by each individual state.


In Development: Currently building the RigMatrix oil & gas well database covering all wells and drilling permits in the US and Canada based on the successful test of several states. The RigMatrix system currently extracts data from the following file formats: HTML, Text & CSV.

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