Helping Community Bankers Capture the Millennial Market

Thinking Beyond Finance

  • reach millennials using mobile apps
  • Data analytics mobile dashboard
  • GEON FitBank API
  • GEON built app available on iTunes
  • Screen for Free Gym and Fitness Search

Millennials Represent a Major Opportunity for Community Banking:

“Millennials are destined to become a key battleground for banks of all sizes – getting ahead, and staying ahead of this important shift in the economy is going to be crucial for any bank.” – ICBA, American Millennial Study (A Cross Generational Study)

Millennials Have An Affinity For Community Banks:

“The combination of being locally owned and locally operated creates a sweet spot for community banks to leverage a unique position that other banks cannot match or will have great difficulty replicating.” - 2014 ICAB Millennial and Community Banking Study

The FitBank

The "FitBank" digital ecosystem provides the financial industry with a suite of tools designed to engage users via health & fitness campaigns. Health & Fitness driven mobile and social campaigns combined with financial health initiatives are more compelling to younger populations looking for well designed tools and greater access to reliable information. The FitBank program provides tools and unbiased, informative content creating the foundation for more engaged user populations. The perception is no longer focused on what the financial institution is selling but evolves into a trusted relationship where user's take advantage of tools and content to improve their over-all health. This strategy results in more responsive financial marketing campaigns, stronger brand ambassadors and efficient customer acquisition.

Millenials seek affinity and inclusion with people who share their values and lifestyle. They crave products and services that are new and on trend in food, fashion and fitness. They trust community more than institutions. Sweat.Works and FitBank Rewards share those principles. Founded on an ethos of "fitness democracy", members are free to workout when and where they choose and track their personal metrics while being part of a community of fellow SweatWorkers. FitBank Rewards provides the platform for multiplying member's fitness ROI by incentivizing and rewarding consistent commitment.

Community Banks Need a More Meaningful Way to Engage Millennial Customers

FitBank: The Key to Developing New Millennial Accounts

  • FitBank Reaches Millennials Where They Invest - Health and Fitness
  • Helps Millennials Connect Personal and Financial Fitness
  • Creates a Competitive Advantage for Community Banks
  • The FitBank Toolbox

    • Global Gym & Fitness Center Database
    • In-app Messaging Creates Targeted Marketing Oppuntunities
    • FitBank Incentive Check-ins
    • Database of Hiking/Biking Trails with Geo Location
    • Advanced Fitness & Gym Search
    • Health & Personal Fitness & Rewards Dashboard
    • Wearable Integration: Fitbit, Garmin, Strava & more
    • Custom Health & Fitness Programs via Mobile
    • Digital Fitness Challenges
    • Digital Health Card
    • Access to Library of Digital Content Including Videos and Surveys
    • Advanced Web-Based Analytics Portal with Compelling Data Visualizations

    The FitBank API

    Expand existing mobile apps by integrating the FitBank health & wellness platform. Decrease development time and feel secure in knowning that Micosoft's Azure network hosts the FitBank API. This state of the art clound environment has been designed based provides Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), an industry leading assurance process.

    Need Custom Mobile App Development?

    Take advantage of the FitBank mobile stack. Developed in native iOS and Android using the latest in each SDK, the FitBank mobile stack significantly reduces time to market while leveraging proven technology. GEON Analytics has partnered with Touchstone Communications to provide custom financial live web chat support.

    The Origins of FitBank

    FitBank creator, Suzy Monford, was recently recognized by Supermarket News among the top 25 industry disruptors for her work on integrating FitBank and FitMarket/ FitBank into Andronico's Community Markets after the program was launched in stores and on-line in September. Andronico’s Community Markets continues it’s mission to “Bring Healthy Back” with an exclusive launch partnership with Sweat.Works Global Gym’s FitBank rewards program. GEON Analytics is the exclusive technology partner for and continues to evolve the FitBank platform .

    Andronico’s continues to pioneer and deliver best of class products and Customer service. Since it’s founding in 1929, Andronico’s has advocated for local and artisanal products, and has sought to promote the health and welfare of it’s communities with programs including “SEED” (Students and Educators Everyday Discount), and FitMarket, the company’s innovative new program that integrates fitness and health coaching into traditional supermarket health & wellness.

    FitBank in the News

    Andronico's Brings Healthy Back With FitBank Mobile Rewards Progressive Grocer

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